sponsorship 2012

Without the help from our amazing (and generous) sponsors the dev4good events would never happen.
Our volunteers are asked to pay for only their travel to the events, all other costs are covered by the services, products, time, cash and help from our sponsors and partners.

If you do contact any of the organisations below, please tell them you found them here!


As a dev4good partner your brand/company will be highly visible throughout the promotion and weekend of dev4good, follow up marketing and emails.

We are looking for financial supporters to donate £600 ($1000USD) towards our costs in order to keep the volunteers happy, healthy and refreshed for the whole weekend.
We are open to receive food and or refreshments direct to the venue instead of cash donations, please contact us regarding this option so we can discuss deliveries etc.


We are looking for sponsors to offer in kind donations such as swag, prizes, software, hardware, stress balls, pens, notepads, flip charts, marker pens and any other services or items that bear your brand.
If you would prefer to make a financial contribution at the Sponsor level all we ask for is £300 ($500).

We hope to put together “swag bags” for our volunteers, so any swag items or marketing leaflets that you might have will be ideal for this.

A massive thanks to our 2012 Partners and Sponsors

through the User Group Support Services (UGSS)












And not forgetting everyone who helped the 2011 event:

Hammersmith Riverside Events at Auriol Kensington Rowing Club - London W6 9DJ for helping us out with an amazing venue

Microsoft (User Group Support Services)








Charity Technology Trust



Pearson Books